Light up your wedding for a stellar party
Maximize the party experience for your guests with elegant uplighting
If your wedding isn’t properly lit, you aren’t maximizing the experience for you or your guests. When you incorporate great lighting, you create a more exciting experience for everyone.

Benefits of uplighting:

  • Livens up the dance floor with energy and fun
  • Sets the tone for speeches, slow dances, the reception
  • Illuminates the entire room
  • Directs attention to key focal points (bride & groom, wedding cake)
  • Enhances pictures and video
  • Helps everyone have more fun

No other wedding decoration can do all that!

Custom Lighting by Skyline Orchestras

Skyline Orchestras has the very best lighting equipment, and the experience to capture the exact feel for which you are striving for.

Ask about our custom lighting services when booking an event.


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